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LANFest Giveaway Information

1. There will be a total of 10 winners selected.
2. Winning does not guarantee receiving a specific prize.
3. The drawing to determine the winners will be on Sunday at 3:00 PM at seat ZA10 near the admin area.
4. If a winner is not present at the time of the drawing, then they forfeit their prize.
5. Any prizes remaining after the Crysis Wars giveaway drawing will be donated to the general LANFest drawing prize pool.
6. Winners will be called up in the order that they are selected to pick a prize.
7. A participant can only win one prize.
8. The drawing is random, but the chances of winning are linearly weighted by score.
9. Score is earned from time played, kills, and objectives completed in the game.
10. The drawing will be performed by the contest admin refreshing this page.
11. The contest drawing page is clientside. Only the results shown on the contest admin's PC will be used.

LANFest Giveaway Rules

1. Participants must register for the giveaway to be eligible to win prizes.
2. Winners must be present in-person at the time of the drawing.
3. Participants must have a BYOC ticket.
4. Score can only be earned by playing on servers that have names starting with "LANFest CO 2023"
5. Attempting to abuse the score system will result in a participant being disqualified.